MONT IRP s.r.o.

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MONT IRP s.r.o. Characteristic

      MONT IRP s.r.o. is a company which was created in year 1992 from fusion of company MONT IRP s.r.o. and manufacturing firm MONTOSTROJ š.p. Žilina. Company domicile is in own areal on the address Oceliarska 2, 010 01 ŽILINA. There are production and Storing areas - about 28 500 m 2 of surface
MONT IRP s.r.o. negotiate and control all business cases and affairs by itself in the range of its activity. Company employs 96 workers - in production scope 71 workers who fulfil requirements of STN EN ISO 3834.

MONT IRP s.r.o. is registered in the District Court Žilina insertion #17434/L

Co-partners are:

  • Ing. SVENTEK Cyril
  • KPK s.r.o. Martin

Executives are:

  • Ing. SVENTEK Cyril
  • Ing. KOŠÁBEK Rhet
  • Ing. SALÍNI Ivam

      All workers included external fulfil qualification requirements consequential from appointments and norms for production listed in activities of MONT IRP s.r.o.
Workplace of construction is equipped with computer equipment (hardware), including software, equipment – plotter for printing projects.
      Workplaces TPV and OTK insure technological preparation and activities coupled with production and all needed certificates for products by STN, STN EN, STN EN ISO, DIN, included required technical tests and revisions to consigned products.
      Welders – fitters fulfil requirements of norms (STN EN 287 – 1:135, 111, 131) and STN 05 0710; EN 1418.