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A company with more than 50 years tradition, operating as MONT IRP s.r.o. since 1993.

150 long-term and experienced employees ensure we deliver quality products on-time and with reasonable prices. Company processes are supported by modern technology and precise quality control system.

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20. January 2020

Products of the year 2018

20. January 2020

Products of the year 2019

21. October 2019

Disc Filter – Stainless Steel

Disc Filter Germany September 2019 Since January 2019 we engaged in production of stainless steel equipment „DISC FILTER“ with weight of around 18 tons. This technologically […]
21. January 2019

Ducts and hoppers (January 2019)

Ducts and hoppers BRISTOL, England, UK January 2019   The last of 45 trucks was shipped from our company to Avonmouth in England by the beginning […]